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Ann Coulter: ‘Death squads’ may be the only solution for immigrants who ‘ruined America’ – DeadState

Ann Coulter: ‘Death squads’ may be the only solution for immigrants who ‘ruined America’

During an appearance on the Todd Starnes Show last week, right-wing firebrand and purveyor of watered-down white supremacist rhetoric Ann Coulter warned that if President Trump “continues down this path” of seemingly being open to immigration reform, America may be be forced to implement “death squads for the people who ruined America.”

Jimmy Kimmel: Senator Bill Cassidy “Lied Right to My Face”

Jimmy Kimmel: Senator Bill Cassidy “Lied Right to My Face”

The continuing radicalization of Jimmy Kimmel proceeded apace on Tuesday night, as the former Man Show host used his Jimmy Kimmel Live! monologue to call Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy a liar. Kimmel’s realization that Republicans might not be entirely sincere when they say they want to improve American health care is the conclusion of a story arc that began in April with the birth of Kimmel’s son William.

Stefan Molyneux is just a douche…

According to RationalWiki…Steve Stefan Molyneux (born 1966)

…is a British Irish-Canadian political activist, amateur philosopher and Internet pundit. Since 2005, Molyneux is the host of Freedomain Radio,[2] a podcast where he discusses his philosophy, politics, religion, science, and relationships. He also writes regularly for anarcho-capitalist websites and has self-published several books.

Molyneux has a group of very ardent fans, even though he is only questionably an ancap at this point, and is hated by a large portion of them: he defends cops, is a “racial realist“, says weird red pill things about women, and is a hawk on Mid East relations. He presents a crank magnetismchimera of men’s rights crybaby, white rights crybaby and some sort of fedora-lover’s Glenn Beck[3](or a thinking man’s RooshV) who is known for mistreating his guests. He is allegedly a grown man but spent 42 minutes complaining about Beauty and the Beast. Really.

and that is where I first ran across him, on the internet in a Potholer54 video on Christopher Monckton Stefan Molyneux and Global Warming Denial.

My impression of Stefan Molyneux is pretty simple,.. he is just a narcissistic douche.

He’s written a book on debating called The Argument and Alexander Douglas a Lecturer in Philosophy, University of St. Andrews has written a brilliant review of the book…

The Art of the Ego: Review of Stefan Molyneux’s Stupid Book

Imagine that you have no discernible talents. You are not very intelligent. You are not particularly athletic. You are not good-looking. You can’t sing or dance well. Your jokes are basic and predictable. You read the newspapers and have political opinions, but, although you may not know it, you are part of the reason newspaper editors have to enforce the standard reading age of eight or under.

The Science of Flow Says Extreme Inequality Causes Economic Collapse – Evonomics

The Science of Flow Says Extreme Inequality Causes Economic Collapse – Evonomics

Inequality By Sally Goerner Circulation represents the lifeblood of all flow-systems, be they economies, ecosystems, or living organisms. According to a recent study by Oxfam International, in 2010 the top 388 richest people owned as much wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population- a whopping 3.6 billion people.

Ideology Versus Reality Why Ideology Fails

Ideology Versus Reality Why Ideology Fails

It is the presence of government regulation that moderates the forces within a capitalist system that, if left unchecked, would lead to injury and harm to a great number of innocent people, and it is the height of foolishness to think that somehow life would be better for the vast majority of the population if we did away with government regulation.

Cop pulls over a black man for failure to signal, walks to his car with his gun drawn…

I keep getting told by “my conservative friends” on FaceBook that latent and intrinsic racism is really all in my imagination.

Theism is Not Rational

Aron Ra did a good take-down of one of Prager U’s videos

RationalWiki on Dennis Prager and his Prager U:

Prager “University” actually presents history and politics from a hard-right point of view. This includes rampant New Dealdenialism, promotion of the Laffer curve, Europhobia, and an off the walls weird interpretation of liberalism.[43] The channel also promotes zionist pro-Israeli politics, claiming the IDF to be the “World’s Most Moral Army”,[44], and promotes fossil fuels as being “the greenest energy”.[45][46] It has called wealth income inequality “good”.[47] In a multitude of ill-informed videos, it furthermore espouses Climate change denialism[48][49], militarism[50] and American exceptionalism,[51][52] and probably many more nutty reactionary beliefs.

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