Brexit is a middle finger from the baby boomers to young people like me – Vox

Brexit is a middle finger from the baby boomers to young people like me

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, 52 percent to 48 percent. I am broken by this result. As a young person, I cannot help but feel betrayed. In fact, it’s somewhat hard not to take it a little bit personally. Let’s look at the voter demographics.

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Donald Trump’s Clinton attack speech reveals just how little he understands the world – Vox

I was listening to Trump babble on in the background while I was working at my desk this morning. I think this is a pretty thorough overview of what I took away listening to him.

Donald Trump’s Clinton attack speech reveals just how little he understands the world

Donald Trump gave his first major speech of the election attacking Hillary Clinton on Wednesday morning. It mostly focused on labeling Clinton as corrupt, his stock “Crooked Hillary” line expanded to an hour. But it also tried to label Clinton as incompetent, blaming her personally for a series of events ranging from the decline of manufacturing jobs in the US to the rise of ISIS in Iraq.

And thought I’d check some of the claims he made while breaking for lunch. An hour and a half later it appears some news organizations have already beat me to it…

Fact-Checking Trump’s Speech

Donald Trump delivered a speech Wednesday billed as a broadside attack on presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy and economic record. Trump called the address an opportunity to “discuss the failed policies and bad judgment of Crooked Hillary Clinton.” NBC’s political and investigative teams fact-checked some of the claims in Donald Trump’s speech.


The Discredited Books At The Heart Of Trump’s Speech

Donald Trump cited claims from two discredited anti-Clinton books — Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash and Gary Byrne’s Crisis of Character — in his June 22 speech attacking Hillary Clinton. Clinton Cash is filled with errors and sloppy research, while Crisis of Character has been strongly denounced by Secret Service veterans as implausible.

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The Mistrust of Science – The New Yorker

Another home run from Atul Gawande, a surgeon and author of Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance,  Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End and The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right.

The Mistrust of Science – The New Yorker

If this place has done its job-and I suspect it has-you’re all scientists now. Sorry, English and history graduates, even you are, too. Science is not a major or a career. It is a commitment to a systematic way of thinking, an allegiance to a way of building knowledge and explaining the universe through testing and factual observation.

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American Horror Story | New Republic

A great article illustrating just how Donald Trump brings out the very worst of us.

American Horror Story

“The gays had it coming!” a man shouted and gazed back at the guy who’d called Hillary a bitch. They met eyes, shared a smile, a look of recognition. As if it were some kind of joke. As if 49 of his fellow Americans-49 living, breathing human beings-hadn’t just been mowed down.

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If I Learned One Lesson From My Time With The CIA | AJ+

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Trump has the organizational support and policy infrastructure of a food truck | Glen Thrush

After listening to Trump speaking this morning on Fox and then listening to his speech in Manchester NH this afternoon I have to wholeheartedly agree with Glen Thrush..

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Ken Burns excoriates Donald Trump | Media Matters for America

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Share this if you’re American and you lead a normal life…


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‘Chemophobia’ is irrational, harmful – and hard to break | Aeon Ideas

‘Chemophobia’ is irrational, harmful – and hard to break – James Kennedy | Aeon Ideas

We all feel a profound connection with the natural world. E O Wilson called this sensation biophilia: ‘the urge to affiliate with other forms of life’. That sense of connection brings great emotional satisfaction. It can decrease levels of anger, anxiety and pain.

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NeuroLogica Blog » How to Argue in the Comments

NeuroLogica Blog ” How to Argue in the Comments

I love a good disagreement. I seek them out, sometimes to the annoyance of family and friends who may not be in the mood for a heated discussion. I would actually argue with people who came to my door to spread their religion.

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