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Mueller falsifies null hypothesis to create case on president’s obstruction of justice – Vox

The scientific maneuver Mueller used that implicates the president

This post is part of Mischiefs of Faction , an independent political science blog featuring reflections on the party system. If you are a fan of movies or stories where a clever protagonist uses cunning strategy or the tools of science to outmaneuver an opponent, then you’re going to love Volume 2 of the Mueller report.

Opinion | There’s a Bigger Prize Than Impeachment – The New York Times

Opinion | There’s a Bigger Prize Than Impeachment

In the fall of 1998, Erskine Bowles, the White House chief of staff, traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with the speaker of the House. Mr. Bowles enjoyed a better relationship with Speaker Newt Gingrich than anyone in the Clinton White House, partly based on a shared Southern heritage and commitment to fiscal conservatism.

The Evidence That Jesus Ever Existed Is Weaker Than You Might Think

The evidence that Jesus ever existed is weaker than you might think

Before the European Enlightenment, virtually all New Testament experts assumed that handed-down stories about Jesus were first recorded by eye witnesses and were largely biographical. That is no longer the case. Assuming that the Jesus stories had their beginnings in one single person rather than a composite of several-or even in mythology itself-he probably was a wandering Jewish teacher in Roman-occupied Judea who offended the authorities and was executed.

The Top 0.5% Underpay $50 Billion a Year In Taxes and Crushed the IRS Plan to Stop Them — ProPublica

The Top 0.5% Underpay $50 Billion a Year In Taxes and Crushed the IRS Plan to Stop Them – ProPublica

On June 30, 2016, an auto-parts magnate received the kind of news anyone would dread: The Internal Revenue Service had determined he had engaged in abusive tax maneuvers. He stood accused of masking about $5 billion in income. The IRS wanted over $1.2 billion in back taxes and penalties.

It’s That Time Of Year Again: Roundup vs Vinegar Weedkiller Concotions

Well, yeah vinegar works as a herbicide but so do propane weed killer torches. But “Contact Herbicides” kill only the plant parts contacted by the chemical, where-as systemic herbicides are absorbed by the roots or foliage and translocated (moved) throughout the plant. In the case of the vinegar solution, it doesn’t reach the roots unless the ground is also soaked in the vinegar solution which brings you the problem that you are then changing the soils pH which might very well kill what you are growing too and is considered a misuse/abuse of the application by professionals.

With Contact Herbicide applications the weeds can grow back sometimes a quickly as a week or two. Contact herbicides kill only the plant parts contacted by the chemical, where-as “Systemic Herbicides” are absorbed by the roots or foliage and translocated (moved) throughout the plant.

Roundup or glyphosate is a systemic, which means you spray it on the foliage and it’s actually absorbed through the leaves, goes into the stems, goes into the roots, and kill the entire plant over a short course of time. 

And Roundup/glyphosate has a half-life (meaning it degrades) in soil between ranging between 2 and 197 days and a typical average of 47 days depending upon soil conditions meaning it decays. Vinegar on the other hand in the soil remains changing the pH until it is neutralized by adding a base such as lime or limestone. The same is true for any salts. They are permanent until they are washed away and carried downstream (think California’s Salton Sea). That said Epsom salts aren’t necessarily washed away since they are a “Fertilizer” and consumed (digested) by plants for the magnesium in them.

Thinking about that now it makes me wonder if you are trying to kill weed via a vinegar-Epsom salts solution isn’t that a treatment that works against it intended purposes? You are killing the weed by scorching it with the vinegar but then you are fertilizing the roots so it can come back faster. (I will have to ask my landscape/gardener friend Harry when I see him again in the next few days.)

I hate to tell everyone this but if your desire is to garden completely chemical free and vinegar (acetic acid CH3COOH) and Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate MgSO4) are chemicals then the only way to weed is by hand weeding early and often making sure you have pulled the roots. I use an ancient short dandelion weeder tool this help that I have been playing with since I was a little kid.

12.5″ Garden Weeder – Smith & Hawken™

Get the upper hand on weeding with the Smith & Hawken Weeder. Great for small root removal and perfectly sized for flower beds and small vegetable gardens. Includes convenient hang-up hole for easy storage.

Ames Forged Dandelion Weeder-2942100 – The Home Depot

The Ames dandelion weeder is great for removing dandelions and other weeds from lawns and landscape beds. The V- notched blade is sharp to cuts the roots deep below the surface. A leather lanyard makes

• Vinegar Weedkiller vs RoundUp: Testing Head to Head

Why Won’t These Democrats Reject Fossil Fuel Money? | The New Republic

Why Won’t These Democrats Reject Fossil Fuel Money?

Refusing money from the oil, gas and coal industries may seem, at first glance, like a politically risky move. If the eventual Democratic nominee is to beat Donald Trump-the most likely eventual Republican nominee-they’ll need all the resources they can get. So why give up such a potentially huge source of revenue?

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio says America faces an “existential threat” from capitalism – YouTube

Founder of world’s biggest hedge fund says capitalism needs urgent reform

Capitalism is no longer working for most Americans, according to one hedge-fund billionaire. Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates LP, the world’s largest hedge fund, says capitalism has developed into a system that is promoting an ever wider wealth gap that puts the very existence of the United States at risk.

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