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Inside the Cult of Trump, His Rallies Are Church and He Is the Gospel | Vanity Fair

Jones only recently became one of those children. “I’ve been on the side of evolution my whole life,” he confesses. Not so much the science end, he wanted me to understand. His had been the partying wing of agnosticism. Then his fiancé persuaded him to start attending a fundamentalist church, not long before Trump was elected, and the veil was lifted. For instance, he says, now he can see the “gay agenda” of the Democrats. “Actually, they’re pedophiles.”

…I spoke with dozens of Trump supporters who believe that the Democratic establishment primarily serves as a cover for child sex trafficking. Some were familiar with “QAnon”—the name claimed by believers in a host of conspiracy theories centered around an alleged “deep state” coup against Trump and his supposedly ingenious countermeasures, referred to as the coming “Storm,” or “Great Awakening”—but most were not. It was, they told me, simply known. “Perverts and murderers,” said a woman in Bossier City. One man, a Venezuelan immigrant, explained that many socialists are literal cannibals….

…In the books he claims to have written, Trump invokes a personal trinity: his father, Fred, who taught him strength; his mentor, the red-hunting mafia lawyer Roy Cohn, who taught him cunning; and his childhood pastor, bestselling Christian self-help author Norman Vincent Peale, who taught him The Power of Positive Thinking. Believe in it, preached Peale, and it can be yours. Quid pro quo, a deal with God: affluence (or the dream of it to come) in return for unquestioning loyalty. Trump’s campaign channeled a convergence of conservatisms: Fred Trump’s brutality, Cohn’s corruption, and the cross wrapped in a flag preached by Peale.

“He’s the Chosen One to Run America”: Inside the Cult of Trump, His Rallies Are Church and He Is the Gospel

Trump’s rallies-a bizarre mishmash of numerology, tweetology, and white supremacy-are the rituals by which he stamps his name on the American dream. As he prepares to resume them for the first time in months, his followers are ready to receive.


The surprising reason people change their minds – BBC Future

The surprising reason people change their minds

Wherever you look at the moment, we seem divided – Brexiteer or Remainer, pro-President Trump or against. And no matter how much we argue, none of us appear to change our minds. Whether at the dinner table or on social media, it can seem as though our opinions are more fixed than ever.

Facts Don’t Change People’s Minds. Here’s What Does

Changing others’ minds, or our own, is a tricky business. Here’s how to make it happen. If you had asked me this question-How do you change a mind?-two years ago, I would have given you a different answer. As a former scientist, I would have cautioned you to rely on objective facts and statistics.

Ibram Kendi, one of the nation’s leading scholars of racism, says education and love are not the answer

Ibram Kendi, one of the nation’s leading scholars of racism, says education and love are not the answer

It’s a Wednesday night at a bookstore in a well-off part of Washington, D.C., and every seat is taken. More than 100 people spill into the aisles or crowd the stacks past the philosophy and cookbook sections to hear Ibram X. Kendi talk about the racist ideas that founded the nation.

Trump is spreading a dangerous conspiracy theory about antifa – The Washington Post

Opinion | Trump is spreading a dangerous conspiracy theory about antifa

PRESIDENT TRUMP spread a deranged and dangerous conspiracy theory this week when he accused a 75-year-old man pushed to the ground by police in Buffalo of faking the force of his fall – as well as attempting to “scan” the cops. The man, claimed the president, was “antifa,” a member of a militant activist network known for violent tactics.


Look Inside Your iPhone, Every Core Technology Was Created By Government


You Can’t Have a Prosperous Economy Without an Entrepreneurial Government – Evonomics

Capitalism Ending the state vs market myth The debate about the relative roles of the state and the market in capitalist economies tends to swing from side to side in the hearts and minds of public opinion: periods when the state is defended for its role in economic development are always superseded by an attack on its intervention into ‘well functioning’ markets.

Yanis Varoufakis

Ioannis ” Yanis” Varoufakis ( Greek: Ιωάννης Γεωργίου “Γιάνης” Βαρουφάκης, Ioánnis Georgíou “Giánis” Varoufákis, pronounced [ˈʝanis varuˈfakis]; born 24 March 1961) is a Greek economist, academic, philosopher and politician. He has been Secretary-General of MeRA25, a left-wing political party, since he founded it in 2018.

Yanis Varoufakis: Capitalism will eat democracy — unless we speak up

Have you wondered why politicians aren’t what they used to be, why governments seem unable to solve real problems? Economist Yanis Varoufakis, the former Minister of Finance for Greece, says that it’s because you can be in politics today but not be in power — because real power now belongs to those who control the economy.

We Need to Speak Honestly About the GOP’s Evolution Into a Conspiracy Cult | Washington Monthly

We Need to Speak Honestly About the GOP’s Evolution Into a Conspiracy Cult

One of the challenges in analyzing modern American politics is accurately describing the Republican Party without seeming unserious and hyperbolic. Major publications are understandably in the habit of presenting both sides of the partisan divide as being inherently worthy of respect and equal c …

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