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Why Do You Think They Cross the Border? | John Pavlovitz

John Pavlovitz, Christian pastor, never ceases to amaze me with how clearly he can illustrate the problems around us. This is John Pavlovitz at his best. I can think of a couple of people I really think NEED to read this and I am thinking really hard about whether to tag them or post this on their timeline but lament that I don’t know if it would do any good for them.

Why Do You Think They Cross the Border?

I need you to clarify something for me, MAGA friend. I’ve seen all your incendiary social media posts about the border crossers. I’ve come across the fictional statistics about their supposed crime and alleged violence, that you so willingly repost. I’ve read Donald Trump’s rambling, all-caps, alarmists tweets.

Why conservatives are more susceptible to believing in lies. | Slate

Why Are Conservatives More Susceptible to Believing Lies?

Many conservatives have a loose relationship with facts. The right-wing denial of what most people think of as accepted reality starts with political issues: As recently as 2016, 45 percent of Republicans still believed that the Affordable Care Act included “death panels” (it doesn’t).

Glyphosate doesn’t cause cancer. It saves native ecosystems. | Slate

Glyphosate Doesn’t Cause Cancer. It Saves Native Ecosystems.

What’s Neil deGrasse Tyson Doing on Ben Shapiro’s Podcast? In Defense of the Deer That Crashed Through a Salon Window What Airbnb’s Antarctic Trip Misunderstands About Science Does Forever 21’s Demise Mark the End of Fast Fashion? You’ve seen the ads flooding television and social media: “Have you been exposed to weed killer Roundup?

Fruits and Vegetables Are Trying to Kill You – Issue 15: Turbulence – Nautilus

Fruits and Vegetables Are Trying to Kill You – Issue 15: Turbulence – Nautilus

You probably try to exercise regularly and eat right. Perhaps you steer toward “superfoods,” fruits, nuts, and vegetables advertised as “antioxidant,” which combat the nasty effects of oxidation in our bodies. Maybe you take vitamins to protect against “free radicals,” destructive molecules that arise normally as our cells burn fuel for energy, but which may damage DNA and contribute to cancer, dementia, and the gradual meltdown we call aging.

Peter Temin: Economic Mobility Requires the Nearly Impossible – The Atlantic

Escaping Poverty Requires Almost 20 Years With Nearly Nothing Going Wrong

After divvying up workers like this (and perhaps he does so with too broad of strokes), Temin explains why there are such stark divisions between them. He focuses on how the construction of class and race, and racial prejudice, have created a system that keeps members of the lower classes precisely where they are.

Israel election results: Netanyahu brought a disaster on Likud – Israel Election 2019 – Haaretz.com

After waging the battle of his life, Netanyahu brought a disaster on Likud

After a crude and thuggish campaign, in which he trampled the election laws alongside his son, who attacked every government institution, it looks as though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is closer than ever to losing power. Avigdor Lieberman, on the other hand, who repeated his pre-election promises, will probably be the key person in the next Knesset.

Food Science Babe: 5 basic scientific concepts to help you spot pseudoscience

5 basic scientific concepts to help you spot pseudoscience | AGDAILY

There is so much pseudoscience being spread around nowadays, and sometimes it can be hard to spot, especially for those who don’t have a background in science. A lot of it is based on a small amount of truth and by people who you may think you can trust, so it can be difficult to …

The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 and more…

Tulsa race riot – Wikipedia

and more….

Elaine Massacre of 1919 – Encyclopedia of Arkansas

The Elaine Massacre was by far the deadliest racial confrontation in Arkansas history and possibly the bloodiest racial conflict in the history of the United States. While its deepest roots lay in the state’s commitment to white supremacy, the events in Elaine (Phillips County) stemmed from tense race relations and growing concerns about labor unions.

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