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For Sore Throat, Xylitol and Probiotics Offer No Benefits Over Placebo – The New York Times

I beg to differ the noisy gurgling upset stomach and bowel gasses the xylitol delivers will distract from the discomfort of a sore throat.

For Sore Throat, Xylitol and Probiotics Offer No Benefits Over Placebo

Xylitol, a popular sweetener in sugarless gum, and probiotics are sometimes recommended as remedies for sore throat, but a randomized trial has found that neither works better than a placebo. Researchers assigned 1,009 people with sore throats to one of three groups: no chewing gum, xylitol gum, or sorbitol gum without xylitol.

How Trump makes extreme things look normal – Vox

The Overton Window

How Trump makes extreme things look normal

“Don’t normalize this” has become a kind of rallying cry during President Trump’s first year in office — a reminder to not get too acclimated to Trump’s norm-breaking and erratic behavior. But the real danger of the Trump presidency might have less to do with Trump’s abnormality and more to do with how “normal” he makes other Republicans look by comparison.

A massive new study reviews the evidence on whether campaigning works. The answer’s bleak. – Vox

A massive new study reviews the evidence on whether campaigning works. The answer’s bleak.

All the outreach activity by political campaigns, including door to door canvassing, phone banking, direct mail, and even advertising, has basically no effect on voters’ choice of candidate in general elections, according to a striking new academic study. The new analysis covers 49 field experiments conducted in real US election campaigns, typically run with cooperation from the campaigns themselves.

Trump Promised to Protect Steel. Layoffs Are Coming Instead. – The New York Time

Trump Promised to Protect Steel. Layoffs Are Coming Instead.

In 2008, before the financial crisis struck, the plant ran around the clock. Now, the mill coughs to life just five days a week, for eight hours at a time. The machines shovel 10-ton steel slabs into a furnace, where they are heated to 2,000 degrees, then funnel them through giant rollers and cooling jets of water, like a massive, fiery carwash.

Grounding,… Utter Pseudoscientific Bullshit

I was on FaceBook this even when a friend of mine (name withheld to shelter the scientifically naive) posted this video meme…

My head almost exploded and after extinguishing the fire I wrote…

While I am a dedicated prolific bare foot walker this is nonsense (on occasion I’ll walk barefooted in the snow). There is NO science to this “grounding” B.S. Absorbing free electrons from the ground through your feet??? WTF?


Walk barefooted through the grass because the moist kool grass feels great (but be careful about hidden acorns, they’re the outdoor equipment stepping on Legos inside). Walk barefooted through the sand because it is warm and relaxing. Walk barefooted in the snow because it’s an interesting sensation that reminds you you are alive.


The doctors talking in this video are quacks.


I think I spent something like 6 years in my late teens and early 20s barefoot when I working in the summer as a lifeguard and I still appreciate walking barefoot even today for the feeling, not for the fictitious supposed health benefits.


This video is so full of bullshit they even contradict themselves. This Dr. Stephen Sinatra is talking about walking barefoot so you can absorb electrons from the earth while this other guy a few minutes in named Clint Ober, a “Grounding Pioneer” is talking about grounding as a way to dissipate built-up electrons to the earth by grounding. Which is it? Who wrote and made this incredibly stupid video. They need to be fired!


Ober then goes on to say he went to the local library to look up information about “grounding” and there was nothing. Surprise, surprise that’s because it’s bullshit stupid tinfoil nonsense. He then went to UCLA and asked them there about it and even admits they laughed him off campus because the idea was so absurdly ridiculous.


He then did his own study where he found it was curing all sorts of things maybe even anything and everything (and never published in a reputable journal, I wonder why? Again because it’s nonsense.)


I am only halfway through the video at this point and now they are bringing on Dr. Joseph Mercola and I just can’t go on. At least not right now. Holy shit.

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