Collin Maessen, in a great new blog and YouTube Channel I just discovered just today, makes a devatingly critcal video exposing both the “faux” scientific journals that are out there and the hippocracy and phoney intellectual rigor that goes on on the part of the climate denial website, Chris Horner, and James Dellingpole

Maessen finishes his video with a great admonition…

“…Skepticism doesn’t start with the viewpoints and claims of others and being skeptical about those doesn’t make you a skeptic. Being a skeptic starts with examining YOUR own viewpoints, the positions YOU hold, and the claims YOU make, and the quality of the evidence YOU use for those. If you are not doing that like the people behind the blog Whats Up With That then you can’t call yourself a true skeptic.”

I could ‘t agree more.

Be sure to visit and subscribe to Collin Maessen’s blog and his YouTube Channel.

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