Adopting the language stylings of another infamous Governor I’ve got to ask…"How’s that Pray-For-Rain hopey changey thingy working out for ya?" (see my post Fighting Wild Fires In Texas) Rick Perry the current Governor of Texas I think feels he needs to marshal some more of the folks who have faith in prayer if he is going to get this prayer thing to work so he’s organizing a big huge prayer meeting thingy.

Here’s a quote from Rick Perry promoting his Response: A call for prayer for a nation in crisis"

Quoting Rick Perry:

"There is hope for America, we will find it in heaven and we will find it on our knees."


Stephen Colbert seems to have Perry pegged: With the tough challenges facing America, Rick Perry thinks it’s time to hand it over to God and ask Him to jump in. God calls Rick Perry to Run where he says: " Rick Perry is basically telling the nation that as far as practical solutions or even ideas to solve our problems, he’s got nothing. He needs God to take over and solve our problems.

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Again,…whaaa? Are Americans seriously thinking this is what we need in the way of leadership?

Thinking about this insanity I am reminded of the content and title of one of my favorite business books by retired Army General Gordon R. Sullivan Hope is Not a Method.

I am also reminded of a story I first heard 25 years ago…

A priest on his way to the church each day walks by this decrepit run down house owned by the town drunk and is just appalled at the squalor and filth of what he sees.

Then one day the town drunk get his act together and sobers up.

The home the drunk has lived in all his life then shapes up and becomes one of the sparkling jewels of the street and the community.

Then one day the priest is walking by and sees the sober drunk out painting the front gate to his property and he stops to say –"I just had to stop and compliment you on what a splendid job you and God accomplished with this house and property of yours. It looks just fabulous.”

The sober drunk pauses for a moment and looks around and then says –“You should have seen what it looked like when God had it all to himself.”

I wonder too is the operation of that web site paid for with taxes? Then that proclamation is a pretty clear violation of what the First Amendment has to say regarding the separation of church and state. Ed Brayton over at one of my favorite blogs Dispatches from the Culture Wars seems to feel that a lawsuit being filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation over this prayer meeting is pointless: FFRF Files Pointless Lawsuit. he makes a good point but I am not at all sure I agree with him on this one.

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