I think the Trump campaign is a great collection of psychotics sharing and alternate reality built on and based on lies. Here is a good example of just what I am talking about. You would have to be living in a cave on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific to not know or understand that Trump is getting thumped in the polls. Listen to this long time Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen.

This kind of denial is either ruthless propaganda (lying and knowing you are lying as you speak) or flat out nuts and crazy.

KEILAR: You say it’s not a shake-up, but you guys are down—

COHEN: Says who? Says who?

KEILAR: Polls. Most of them. [confused] All of them?

COHEN: Says who?

KEILAR: [as if speaking to a small child] Polls. I just told you. I answered your question!

COHEN: Okay. Which polls?

KEILAR: All of them.

COHEN: Okay. And your question is?

Its funny too that in the news today we discover that Trump has hired Stephen Bannon the executive chairman of Breitbart News organization (Donald Trump Turns to Combative Breitbart Executive in Staff Shake-Up) to be the CEO of his campaign. The Breitbart people didn’t like the way polls were showing off their preferred candidate Donald Trump so they created their own poll to get some results displaying Trump out in front ‘like they are sure he really is‘ and that poll came out showing Hillary on top 42% to 37% in a nationwide four way race.

Breitbart/Gravis Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump 42% to 37% Nationally in 4-Way with Johnson 9%, Stein 3% – Breitbart

The whole interview…

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