Al Gore finally calls out the climate deniers for all their lies deception and bullshit and the politically motivated and driven deniers can’t stop whining and crying about it. Audio of Vice President Al Gore speaking at the Aspen Institute, explains how corporate interests have manipulated scientific institutions and the news media to defend everything from cigarettes to global warming pollution.

Within hours of the audio of this talk hitting the internet the climate change denial blogosphere was all a flutter with their typical ad hominems. This from the serial liar and propagandist Marc Morano leading the charge…

Gore Unhinged! Loses it on skeptical claims: ‘It may be volcanoes.’ Bullshit! ‘It may be sun spots.’ Bullshit! ‘It’s not getting warmer.’ Bullshit!’ — Climate Depot Responds!

"Climate Depot Responds! " Geez, what sanctimonious sycophantic bull shit. I can’t imagine there being even a speck of scientific bona fides anywhere in his résumé.

For more on Marc Morano:

In so many respects Marc Morano (once upon a time a producer for Rush Limbaugh) is the prototypical climate change denial propagandist bullshiter that Vice President Al Gore is railing about. All of a sudden one day years ago I stated getting these poorly composed poorly designed emails from him when he was Senator Jim Inhofe’s Communications Director for the United States Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, essentially Inhofe’s point man in the distribution of climate change denial nonsense. I figured he had scoured the blogging community (where this blog first started out) for blogs on climate change and global warming so he could spam them in the hope that some of the ones that he would hit on there would spread his disinformation around.

For those that want to really understand just what Vice President Al Gore is so ticked off about let me recommend:

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