Pretty much this is, all in one place, the reason I advocate SCIENCE BASED MEDICINE (the heavy emphasis very much intended) and  discredit, discourage, disparage, dismiss and sometimes even insult and ridicule CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

This video series of lectures by Dr. Harriet Hall is produced by The James Randi Educational Foundation of which James Randi had this to say:

It has never failed. Every time my path crosses that of Dr. Harriet Hall, I’m encouraged, enlightened, and informed just a bit more, and my dedication to skepticism is stronger. I urge you to “drop in” on this remarkable lady and learn her opinions and her educated findings about all sorts of medical claims. But be prepared for possible surprises…

Dr. Harriet Hall, aka The SkepDoc is a retired family physician and former Air Force (Colonel) flight surgeon who now writes about alternative medicine and quackery for Skeptic,  Skeptical Inquirer and on the blog Science Based Medicine.

Click for the Course Guide for the Video Series Science-Based Medicine by Harriet Hall, MD

Lecture 1: Science Based Medicine vs.Evidence Based Medicine

Lecture 2: What is CAM

Lecture 3: Chiropractic

Lecture 4: Acupuncture

Lecture 5: Homeopathy

Lecture 6: Naturopathy and Herbal Medicines

Lecture 7: Energy Medicine

Lecture 8: Miscellaneous “Alternatives”

Lecture 9: Pitfalls in Research

Lecture 10: Science-Based Medicine in the Media and Politics

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