I’m not a big fan of Biden but both tactically and strategically I not sure going with another candidate is the move to make at this time. Tactically given the success of the policy program put in to place under his leadership I am surprised that Biden isn’t kicking Trump’s ass in the head to head polling. People are still thinking Trump is acceptable, okay or even good for the country? WTF?

The article mentions Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (and Joe Manchin) like anyone with any kind of smart progressive brains should ever even consider such a whack job and loon. He is I guess the Democrat Party’s version of a Donal Trump. And considering Manchin is like nominating a Republican.  But i think Dean Philips, Gavin Newsome, Gretchen Whitmer are all worth considering.

Are You Really Gonna Make Me Vote for Joe Biden?

That’s what at least half of Americans are asking themselves, including our Peter Savodnik, who considers six alternatives to four more years.

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