McConnell has waged a take no prisoners war against both democratic and Democratic principles for just about a decade now and it’s time to fight back the same way. There are 5 great suggestions for where to start in this article.

There are (neoliberal) Democrats that always want to embrace the centrist middle and worry about driving them away and meanwhile that centrist middle never votes Democratic. Meanwhile, the left that has been ignored or stuck in a corner stays home and doesn’t vote. It’s time to really embrace the change that empowers individual people rather than big corporations i.e. Wall Street.

Bipartisanship is dead. Time for Democrats to embrace Their inner McConnell.

Bipartisanship is dead. Susan Collins dealt the coup de grace, armed with a dishonest and partisan speech capping a norm-destroying extremist far-right conquest of the Supreme Court. And upon regaining power in Washington, Democrats will need to behave accordingly.

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