Once upon a time Dennis Prager used to be a conservative figure I held some respect for and who’s views I appreciated and explored to both challenge my own thinking and with his PragerU project, gain an insight into what I guess I would call ‘well thought out conservatism‘. I’m changing my mind in that regard.

He is a great example of how many conservative Republican will sell their political souls to the devil. Donald Trump is the embodiment of all the things Dennis Prager has set up as Liberal straw men and attacked.

Dennis Prager Puts Defeating Clinton Ahead of All His Other Principles

The corrupting logic that the public moralist embraced to justify his endorsement of an immoral man. The talk-radio host, writer, and speaker Dennis Prager has spent most of his career as an unapologetic public moralist who champions Judeo-Christian values in American life. He believes that it is important for public figures to be good role models.


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