Trump is on record saying he’s seen evidence virus started in Chinese lab and Pompeo has echoed Trump although when pressed on the question he has indicated he hadn’t seen definitive evidence.

The idea that the virus was engineered in a lab by the Chinese I have always rejected first becuase I just doubted it as right wing anti-Chinese scare tactics rumor and then early on reading about what scientists were saying regarding the genetic fingerprint of the virus lead them to say the virus came from the wild and not a lab,… I chose to trust the geneticists and scientists instead scuttlebutt on Facebook and the web.

What I didn’t rule out until now was that the virus may have been released accidently from a Chinese lab studying the virus. Thanks to Peter Hatfield (aka Potholer54) a science journalist and arguably one of the best fact researchers and debunkers there is I no longer think that is a possibility (at least not that way the rest of the press reporting on this is describing it).

Potholer54 utterly destroys the conspiracy theory that SARS-Cov-2 came from a Wuhan virus lab.

The world really needs a lot more Peter Hatfields.

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