‘A Menace to Public Health’: Doctors Demand Spotify Puts an End to Covid Lies on ‘Joe Rogan Experience’

As an infectious disease epidemiologist and research fellow at Boston’s Children’s Hospital who debunks health misinformation on Instagram -where she has more than 380,000 followers – Jessica Malaty Rivera regularly receives tips from her followers about viral content to debunk.

Before Joe Rogan 15 twenty years ago there was a body of people out there that I knew of who got their “science” from George Noory and the late Art Bell and their Coast to Coast AM radio program.

Coast to Coast AM

This page contains too many unsourced statements and needs to be improved. Coast to Coast AM is a popular U.S. talk radio show that runs in the wee hours of the late night and early morning. It was originally devised and hosted by the late Art Bell.

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