Beware of Donald Trump’s con on manufacturing jobs

As a longtime celebrity and television performer, Donald Trump knows the value of a good story to shape people’s views of a larger issue, even if what you’re convincing them to believe is utterly false.

The Carrier “deal” is proof that Donald Trump is a terrible negotiator.

For the second time as president-elect, Donald Trump has saved hundreds of American jobs, this time at a Carrier plant in Indiana. Trump took to Twitter to spike the football before returning to his regularly scheduled refugee-bashing.I will be going to Indiana on Thursday to make a major announcement concerning Carrier A.C.

Trump’s Carrier deal doesn’t look so good if you read past the headlines

Kudos to Donald Trump on the PR win of his deal to keep somewhat less than half the jobs Carrier had planned to move to Mexico in the United States. The headlines are great for him, few people will ever know much more than the initial headlines, and…

Hey, media, stop building the Trump myth – the Carrier deal is corporate welfare!

Donald Trump – the man, the myth, the legend. The president-elect has officially been anointed the “Hero of Indianapolis” for “striking a deal” ( New York Post) to “save” ( New York Times) 1,000 jobs and, more important, create “a positive relationship” between America’s manufacturers and the new administration ( Washington Post) and provide new proof that Trump is “already winning for American workers” ( Breitbart).

Television News Praises Trump’s “Symbolic Coup” In Carrier Jobs Announcement

Broadcast and cable news personalities rushed to credit President-elect Donald Trump for closing a deal with the Indiana-based manufacturer Carrier that provides the for-profit company with millions of taxpayer dollars while allowing it to still outsource hundreds of jobs to Mexico.

Fox News Cheers Trump Over 1,000 Carrier Jobs; Denounced Obama For Saving 1.5 Million Auto Industry Jobs

Fox News and much of the conservative media slipped into messiah mode coverage this week when news broke that Carrier, the air conditioner giant, has additional tax incentives that convinced Carrier to keep the jobs in Indiana, not being “strong-armed” by Trump.) Trump’s cheerleader-in-chief Sean Hannity was just gobsmack

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders:

Donald Trump promised to tax Carrier. Instead of a “damn tax,” they get a damn tax cut. How’s that for standing up to corporate greed?


Trump Didn’t Use Tariff to Keep Carrier Jobs in the US. He Used Good Ole Corporate Welfare.

By Sahid Fawaz Trump got some great PR this week with Carrier’s announcement that it would not ship jobs out of the country. The company was one of Trump’s top targets during the election as an example of American businesses that sell out American workers.

Carrier’s Workers Union Was Shut Out Of Negotiations Between Company And Trump

President-elect Donald Trump tweeted on Thanksgiving Day that he was working to fulfill a campaign promise to save 1,400 jobs set to be eliminated from the Carrier Corporation’s factory in Indiana. On Tuesday night, Carrier tweeted that it had reached a deal with the Trump transition team to save “close to 1,000 jobs” at Carrier’s Indianapolis plant, which makes gas furnaces for heating buildings.

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