Yesterday there was this remarkable display of sycophants singing their praises to President Trump that struck me as being strangely reminiscent of this episode in Iraq under Saddam Hussien in one of his Ba’ath Party assemblies (Saddam’s 1979 Baath Party purge – BBC News and Saddam Hussein’s Very Public Purge – YouTube).

Anyway, Chris Cillizza has graded and ranked the pathetic brown nosed ass kissing that was on display yesterday with one of the so-called President Trump’s cabinet meeting.

Trump’s Cabinet ranked by over-the-top praise

I wrote about the whole thing here. But — with the help of super intern Liz Stark, who graduated college Saturday and was at work Monday morning(!) — I went through the transcript and ranked the Cabinet members by just how obsequious their encomiums to Trump actually were.

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