Elle Reeve (@elspethreeve) is one kool calm intelligent rational bad ass journalist…

Woman Crush Wednesday: ‘VICE News Tonight’ Correspondent Elle Reeve Is The Fearless Reporter We Need

Last week was a crazy and difficult week for many Americans after the turmoil of Charlottesville, Virginia. While Tina Fey turned to a sheet cake to make sense of it all, we’re applauding the woman who bravely inserted herself directly into the chaos, VICE News Tonight correspondent Elle Reeve as our Woman Crush Wednesday.

Vice Reporter: Charlottesville Protesters ‘Didn’t Talk About Robert E. Lee…They Chanted About Jews’

In the aftermath of the violence at the “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, footage captured by HBO’s “Vice News Tonight” has routinely been cited as showing what happened with the most accuracy and clarity. While usually there is a delay before episodes hit YouTube, Vice posted this one right away.

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