So before I got into software and business management consulting I was a building and remodeling contractor and so a lot of my friends on FaceBook are professional contractor colleagues and I often connect with them in a couple of private FaceBook groups there. We one of my friends there happens to have this one FaceBook friend there that I am thinking he connected with through one of those group who gets to read my timeline because he is friends with my friend.

He the first post_election troll I had to boot off my timeline and even block for being an unmitigated asshole (and a homophobic asshole too). While his company name is First Rate Home Improvements he is a second rate guy and actually threatened me physically on FaceBook because he disagrees with my politics and left me with no choice but to block him.

I don’t know what to tell you about the business he runs because while he (Andy White) does have a FaceBook page (First Rate Home Improvements) that lists what is probably a cell number there is no license or insurance information provided and he is hiding his home address. Actually I do know what to tell you because I’ve been in and around the trades for 40 years, You don’t hire contractors that are hiding that kind of information from you. Caveat emptor Latin for “Let the buyer beware”. It’s possible he is legit but it also possible he is grey market contractor one of those guys out there that dodge the requirement. Just do you due diligence before hiring.





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