I think it’s somewhat ironic that on the eve of the premier of PBS’s Nova production of Judgment Day which covers the story of the famous Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case I somehow stumbled across a collection of YouTube videos of Creationism vs. Evolution debate that William Buckley had on his excellent show Firing Line back on December 19, 1997.

The cast of debaters was impressive with four respected names representing each side. The debate was organized into a series of mini-debates, some one-on-one between two individuals, and some involving the whole group.

The subject of the debate:

Resolved: Evolution Should Acknowledge Creation

Moderator: Michael Kinsley

The Debaters:

Some interesting commentary and review of the debate: PBS’s Firing Line creation/evolution debate scores well for scientific view – Public Broadcasting System.

1-8 Evolution -VS- Creationism


2-8 Evolution -VS- Creationism


3-8 Evolution -VS- Creationism


4-8 Evolution -VS- Creationism


5-8 Evolution -VS- Creationism


6-8 Evolution -VS- Creationism


7-8 Evolution -VS- Creationism


8-8 Evolution -VS- Creationism


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