For Those Convinced Of Clinton’s Corruption | The Boeskool

An old friend of mine shared this article on FaceBook today (the bold emphasis is the authors, the italics are mine)…

“But let’s just say–for the sake of argument–that all of her critics’ charges against her are true. Let’s say that she intended for those four people to die in the consulate attacks in Benghazi. Let’s say she fully intended to illegally and maliciously set up a less-than-secure email server for her job as Secretary of State. Lets say that she is guilty of everything from Whitewater to Benghazi and everything in-between… Even if it were all true, she still managed to keep herself out of trouble while just about every republican in a position of power has tried to prove it. That would be AMAZING! How impressive… Listen–Donald Trump can’t even dodge the charges from one little fraudulent “University.” One of two things is true: Either Hillary Clinton’s enemies cannot get any of these charges to stick to her because she is too politically astute, or they’re not sticking because she actually didn’t do them. Either way, she is infinitely more qualified to lead our nation than the angry, racist, inept, misogynistic, unknowledgeable, unstable buffoon that is the alternative… A man so colossally unqualified, that if you said the words “angry, racist, inept, misogynistic, unknowledgeable, unstable buffoon” on a gameshow, people would be able to guess who you’re talking about. Think about that. Make the right choice, America.”

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