Osteen & Prosperity Gospel apoligetics…the author writes:

I’ve been studying the American prosperity gospel for more than a decade, and I have come to the stunning conclusion that Joel Osteen seems to be a pretty nice guy. He is the cheery advertisement for the 606,000-square-foot Lakewood Church and, with the gorgeous Victoria by his side, tours the country in packed-out arenas to bring “A Night of Hope” — a religion-lite, inspirational speech set to music. And, for those who don’t mind waiting a few minutes after the service, he will shake your hand and tolerate your comment about how his hair looks even better in real life. It does.

Lakewood Church, a 606,000-square-foot megachurch in Houston where Joel Osteen preaches, is being used as a shelter from the flood. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)
But there are three main reasons why long after this controversy passes, Joel Osteen will still be the preacher America loves to hate

And as well they should. Well maybe hate is the wrong word but Americans and Christians should be disgusted with him and this greedy and selfish Prosperity Gospel exploitation bullshit. Visit John Oliver rips the covers off of televangelists… for more.

– The Washington Post

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