Toddlers Have Shot More People in the US Than Muslim Terrorists in 2016

Donald Trump has made a big deal out of barring Muslims from entering the United States on the basis that some might be terrorists sneaking in to stage attacks. But the real front line in protecting Americans’ safety may be much closer to home. America’s own playpens. evaluates the claim “Toddlers Killed More Americans than Terrorists in 2015” (again thats 2015 not 2016 like claimed in the article above) IT’S TRUE.

Toddlers Killed More Americans than Terrorists in 2015

Claim: Toddlers killed more Americans than terrorists in 2015. Origin:On 16 December 2015 the Facebook page “Go Left Forever” published the above-reproduced meme holding that in 2015, toddlers were responsible for the deaths of more Americans than “foreign terrorists.”

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