• Dr. Pamela Ronald professor in the Department of Plant Pathology and the Genome Center and Director of the Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy (IFAL) at the University of California, Davis

• Rob Saik, professional agrologist, certified agriculture consultant and founder of Agri-Trend, spoke at TEDx Red Deer, Alberta on Will Agriculture be Allowed to Feed 9 Billion?

• Science journalist Peter Hadfield (aka Pothler54) on GMOs

• Professor Martina Newell McGloughlin of the University of California at Davis explains the science of GMO food safety

GMO Answers (a great Q&A site for answers on GM technology) on: How Are GMOs Created?

Kyle Kulinski of The Young Turks Network and Secular Talk discusses the Statements Science Evangelist Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Cara Santa Maria, an American neuroscientist and science communicator talks with Kevin Folta

She also has two more lengthy podcast talks with Dr. Folta

Sally Le Page is a British biologist at the University of Oxford and she publishes videos on Science topic via her Shed Science Channel

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