The fake new PizzaGate connection with General Flynn Trump’s choice for his National Security Advisor a position that doesn’t require congressional confirmation has me particularly unnerved. Very unnerved. The guy and his nut case chief of staff spawn are fruit cakes. PERIOD.

Can Trump separate fact from fiction?

Donald Trump and his pick for national security advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, both have histories of peddling fake conspiracy theories. Rep. Adam Schiff and Jonathan Alter join Lawrence to discuss the potential consequences in a Trump Administration.

Gen. Flynn’s Rumor-Mongering Son Has Been Active in Trump Transition

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s son, who came under fire Sunday for peddling a conspiracy theory linked to an armed incident in Washington, has been actively involved in President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team efforts, Foreign Policy has learned.

Trump’s National Security Advisor sent 16 fake news (propaganda) stories on social media

Trump hires on the best! That’s what he told us throughout the (too) long campaign season. Now that he is President-elect Trump, he’s nominating a string of uniquely unqualified people. From an Education Secretary who has never worked one day in…

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