In these two quoted passages from the article the emphasis is mine —

“In past elections, I’ve vehemently disagreed with people’s political orientation or the policies they are proposing, but with Trump, I actually find myself disagreeing with his humanity. I think there is something seriously broken inside him where he’s an actual sociopath and on the spectrum pretty close to being a psychopath. He’s done nothing to indicate that he’s even capable of feeling empathy [for anyone] except for himself.”


“With Trump, you get a belligerent racist who’s most likely a sociopath [and] definitely a racist and misogynist with no governing experience. And with Hillary, you get an incredibly bright, progressive, strong, experienced legislator. There’s no choice unless you’re ignorant, delusional or racist.”

Moby: Donald Trump Is ‘Actual Sociopath’

Moby is tired of being diplomatic. The electronic musician, who released his thirteenth studio album, The musician has been behind the Democratic nominee since she announced her bid for president early last year, but Moby is not just #withher; he’s vehemently opposed to her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

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