My 2 Second Guide to Woo & PseudoScience Websites

In internet discussion there is a social rule governing discussion called Scopie’s Law which states:

In any discussion involving science or medicine, citing as a credible source loses you the argument immediately… and gets you laughed out of the room. (first formulated by Rich Scopie on the Bad Science forum)

I would argue that Scopie’s Law also applies to all the websites listed below.


RationalWiki on — NaturalNews (formerly Newstarget) is an anti-science conspiracy website founded by Mike Adams (self-labeled “The Health Ranger”) which promotes assorted woo.[1]

The site particularly specializes in vaccine denialism,[2] AIDS/HIV denial,[3] quack cancer medicine[4] and conspiracy theories about modern medicine.[5] It also promotes quantum woo, specifically to do with many worlds and quantum consciousness.[6] The site advances a hard green position[7] and also promotes conspiracy theories about Obama and gun control. Even other quacks think it’s a quack site.[8]

If you cite NaturalNews on any matter whatsoever, you are almost certainly wrong.(the emphasis is mine)

The Mind Unleashed | Uncover Your True Potential

RationalWiki on — The Mind Unleashed — is a pseudoscientific, woo-peddling, clickbait website with a propensity to misrepresent data from studies and present it as scientific fact for their own gain. With just a soupçon of bigotry for flavor.

Neither the site itself nor the whois say anything about who owns and runs the place.

Read enough articles on the click bait Collective-Evolution website and you’ll discover we can cure every disease and malady known to man in the next decade if we just will blah blah blah….

RationalWiki on — Collective Evolution — Collective-Evolution is a woo mongering clickbait website. They label themselves as an alternative news source that seeks to expand their way of “thinking” to create “big change” on the planet.[1]. According to the biography of a contributor to CE, Joe Martino, he created Collective Evolution 5 years ago to inspire others…

Some of the incredible bullshit anti-science and pseudoscience articles I seen shared from the Collective-Evolution website:

RationalWiki on — Food Babe — is the blog of activist/woo pusher Vani Hari, who is best known for her campaign to get the chemical azodicarbonamide removed from sandwich chain Subway’s bread recipe. Hari might be best considered the Mike Adams of food activism. Unlike Adams, she doesn’t rely on pure hysteria; she also trades on recipes and, as the title of her blog suggests, her looks, as well as the occasional stopped clock moment.

Hari is maybe not quite as dangerous as Joseph Mercola (who endorses her) or Mike Adams, but that’s not exactly comforting. Her standards of evidence are terrible and based on total nonsense, and rather than promoting moderation, she mostly just wraps up obsessiveness and scolding in an apparently well-meaning package. Is she incompetent or a liar? Well, it doesn’t really matter. Most of her “investigative” process can be summed up as either “Joseph Mercola said so, therefore spinning water in a blender really does make it healthier” or “if I can’t pronounce it, it must cause cancer.”

NBC Boots Modern Alternative Mama from Today Show Under Pressure? – CNN iReport

A “mom” named Zen Honeycutt’s entry in the extreme made up pseudoscience field. Kavin Senapathy, a quack-fighting science defending mom, wrote about her experience trying to talk with her here: Science Drama at March Against Myths about Modification, and My Showdown with Zen Honeycutt | Skepchick. Kevin Folta, a professor in and chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida, Gainesville, also has an interesting perspective and opinion on Zen Honeycutt and her website: The Gullible “Moms Across America”- A Post Mortem | Illumination.

Earth We Are One is a new click baiting site I just discovered built in the mold of


RationalWiki on WorldTruth.TV is a website run by a man called Eddie Levin, who claims to have “spent the last 32 years researching TheosophyFreemasonryKabbalahRosicrucianism, the Bavarian Illuminati and Western Occultism,”which should immediately tip you off that everything on this site is utter bullshit.

RationalWiki on (also under the domain name is the website of the Montreal-based non-profit The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) founded by Michel Chossudovsky.

While many of Globalresearch’s articles discuss legitimate humanitarian or environmental concerns, the site has a strong undercurrent of reality warping throughout its pages, especially in relation to taking its news from sources such as Russia TodayRT[2] and Press TV.[3] Its view of science, the economy and geopolitics seems to be broadly conspiracist.

Whenever someone makes a remarkable claim and cites Globalresearch, they are almost certainly wrong.

An Appeal to Nature Fallacy new age website that wavers back and forth across the line between pseudoscience and anti-science (is there really a line?)

Ten Facebook Pages You Need to Stop Sharing From

The blog Dawn’s Brain has a great series called “Ten Facebook Pages You Need to Stop Sharing From”

From the initial post in the series…Ten Facebook Pages You Need to Stop Sharing From

  • #10 Alex Jones
  • #9 Food Babe
  • #8 Eat Clean. Train Mean. Live Green.
  • #7 Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • #6 Prevention Magazine
  • #5
  • #4 Collective Evolution
  • #3 MindBodyGreen
  • #2 Spirit Science
  • #1 The Mind Unleashed
  • #10 Billy DeMoss 
  • #9 Modern Alternative Mama 
  • #8 National Vaccine Information Center 
  • #7 Freelee the Banana Girl 
  • #6 Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines 
  • #5 
  • #4 
  • #3 David (Avocado) Wolfe 
  • #2 March Against Monsanto 
  • #1 Dr. Mehmet Oz

Ten Facebook Pages You Need to Stop Sharing From Part 3

  • #10 Fearless Parent
  • #9 Consumer Reports
  • #8 Mark Hyman, MD
  • #7 GMO Free USA
  • #6 Organic Consumers Association
  • #5 Medical Medium
  • #4 Natural Cures Not Medicine
  • #3
  • #2
  • #1 I fucking love science

5 Websites Liberals Really Need To Stop Sharing From

  • 5. Natural News:
  • 4. Infowars:
  • 3. IJReview
  • 2. Cop Block
  • 1. David “Avocado” Wolfe:

A list from

Updated Addition Fri, Jul 1, 2016 | 5-17 PM

Given I am having an article about “CBS News Investigative Journalist (Sharyl Attkisson) Explains How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Masses” on CSGlobe thrown at me today in a FB talk I decided to add to my list of sites People Need To Stop Sharing From! What a beaut!

Some background on Sharyl Attkisson:

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