My support for Bernie Sander is both ideologically based (I think he has the best vision and ideas about the direction this country needs to go) and strategic in that I think he is the inspiring leader we need both to get out the base and build up a supply of new Democrats in the rust belt states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin which are absolutely essential for the Democrats to win.

Trump only won those states by a by a combined margin of 77,744 votes. A combined margin of JUST 77,744 votes, that’s just a football stadium full of people. A small number of those existing voters that gave Trump the margin to win were Obama change voters who voted for Trump because they felt he would “shake things up” in Washington. The only “change” candidate in the crowd of Democrats running who I think fits the “change” bill and can win those “change” voters back is Bernie. 

But perhaps more importantly Bernie is the only candidate I see that will also excite and supercharge millennials in those battleground states and get them out to vote for the first time. 

What is Biden’s (or any other candidates) exciting and inspiring message about a FUTURE to that cohort? I am reminded of the AT&T TV commercial I see on TV now about how “Just Okay is Not Okay” and the message it’s delivering. Just Okay Is Not Okay is NOT a winning political strategy.

I have written many times before in the past few weeks/months what Harry Beckwith the marketing writer wrote in one of his books: —“Beware the deadly middle. If you price in the middle, what you are saying is “We’re not the best, and neither is our price, but both our service and price are pretty good.” Not a very compelling message”—

Sadly in the last election —”Forty-four percent [of millennials] say there’s no distinction between the two candidates on transitioning away from fossil fuels, and 43 percent say there’s no distinction on protecting air and water.”—


I think if winning Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin is key (along with turning Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina) Bernie creating new millennial voters is key.

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