The rightwing meme we hear…

ACA also known as Obamacare MUST be repealed and replaced. It’s a job killing disaster. Remember this when you vote.

The truth…

Ted Cruz’s Pants on Fire claim that health care law is nation’s ‘biggest job-killer’

To a man, the seven candidates on the stage at the Republican debate in Des Moines, Iowa, oppose Obamacare. When Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was asked what he would do for the millions of people who have gained health insurance thanks to the program, Cruz was quick to describe his take on the health care law’s failings.

Obamacare, the secret jobs program

It was the first week of March 2009, and inside the White House, the grand policy aspirations of the young Obama administration were colliding with stark economic reality. On Thursday, March 5, President Barack Obama hosted a summit to kick off his health reform push.

Yet another inconvenient truth for its opponents: Obamacare is not ‘killing jobs’

Within last week’s strong jobs report was yet another good month for the health-care sector, which added 45,000 jobs. The growth of jobs in this sector is a long-term trend, driven in no small part by our aging demographics.

They Called Obamacare A ‘Job-Killer.’ Were They Wrong?

Barring an asteroid or the biggest economic surprise in recent history, Friday’s jobs report will be the 60th straight month that America’s private sector has gained jobs. That’s a new record – but another milestone this month arguably looms larger. March marks five years since the Affordable Care Act was passed …

Fact Check: Part-time workers at Home Depot and Trader Joe’s harmed by Obamacare

The Assertion Part time workers at companies such as Home Depot and Trader Joe’s are being harmed because Obamacare is forcing their employers to drop health insurance coverage and force employees to purchase insurance on the exchanges.

Are employers dumping health benefits because of Obamacare?

Myth: Employers are dumping health benefits because of Obamacare. Reality: It’s true that Obamacare is raising costs on employers. And some are either passing those increased tabs to workers or are cutting back on benefits to keep costs under control.

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