Months ago I was thinking that given what I thought was a burgeoning civil war in the Republican Party that there was a chance the Democrats could not only win the Presidency and take back the majority role in the Senate but that they could also potentially take back the House too. I thought the Republican would implode just prion to or at their convention.

I was wrong.

To my surprise the Republicans despite a dark gloomy convention were able to pull things together and I though coalesce and at least tacitly support this guy I felt was a sociopathic madman.

Well it took a while but it looks like the wheels are coming off the Republican train and its going to loose some car in a derailment.

The Odds of a Democratic Sweep Next Month Are Small But Rising

After the wild events of the last few days, the whole political world is awaiting the fallout. The talk over the weekend of the Republican Party somehow replacing Donald Trump as its presidential nominee against his wishes was never very convincing, and will presumably stop after his base-pleasing second presidential debate performance.

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