There is a photo circulating around FaceBook that purports to be of severely beaten Police Officer Darren Wilson in a hospital when it turn out it is nothing of the kind. Its really a “photo was actually of freestyle motocross rider Jim McNeil who died in 2011 after he suffered a crash during practice.”

See Alleged Photo of Injured Darren Wilson Not Actually Darren Wilsonon for the real story.


Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson MO Police Department

Why aren’t the media releasing the photos of Police Officer Darren Wilson’s injuries after he was assaulted by “the unarmed black teenager”?

He was punched in the face before he emptied his weapon into the drugged “unarmed teenager”—here is what a broken eye socket looks like:

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The responses in this one thread I saw were as follows (I’m deleting the photo and changing the names to cover for the guilty suckers who bought into this ugly racist meme. )

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Some Guy with the initials C.R. Why not to controversial for them to handle.

September 2 at 8:54am

Some Gal with the initials M.S.  Yes where is the media now?

September 2 at 9:16amReply

Some Guy with the initials J.D.D. Simply Fucking Amazing…..The Liberal Media is trying the case before the court system….

September 2 at 9:20amReply

Some Guy with the initials T.G. Let’s burn our villages and loot our stores.

September 2 at 10:32am · 1Reply

Some Guy with the initials T.O. Ohh thats alrite. Hes supposed to take it…..bullcrap

September 2 at 10:32am · 1Reply

Some Guy with the initials P.R. I would have unloaded two magazines on that motherfucker

September 2 at 10:47am · 2Reply

Some Gal with the initials M.A.M.  fuc*#ing media!!

September 2 at 11:42amReply

Some Guy with the initials J.D.D. Again IF the Police CAN’T PROTECT THEMSELVES, How can they protect us?!???

September 2 at 11:59am · 1Reply

Some Guy with the initials R.L.  According to the politicians and some judges, public service employees are to expect these kind of injuries as part of their jobs and that the person who caused the injuries is to be held harmless.

September 2 at 1:13pm · 1Reply

Some Guy with the initials J.D.D. yet again I guess that means, We as TAXPAYING Citizens, can expect the same injuries, due to Police not being able to protect US or THEMSELVES…..

WHAT THE FU@K is happening to this Country????

September 2 at 3:20pm · 2Reply

Some Guy with the initials R.M. We hear so much about Ferguson in the media. But we never see this picture. I guess “The publics right to know” doesn’t apply to everything.

September 2 at 5:37pm · 2Reply

Some Gal with the initials V.B. Hope he doesn’t lose his eye or eyesight. Sorry, but that kid got what he deserved!!

September 2 at 10:16pm · 1Reply

Some Guy with the initials J.D.D. yet one more time again He disobeyed a Police Officer…..

He assaulted a Police Officer ….

He ran from, and then Charged a Police Officer, with intent to assault him again……

Nobody wants to see anyone die, but when a person charges a Police Officer, while being told to stop…..This Cop wants to go home to his family after his shift…

Thanks to the Media, he may lose his job, career, and more, for merely defending himself….

And, was there ever a Drug/Alcohol Screen released on Michael Brown??????

Yesterday at 10:38am

I am pretty appalled by this little dialog and I am sure it is not the only one like it out there. Unfortunately no one has posted anything about it being a fake and they (about 13 comments) are all enraged at the MSM and the guy that supposedly did that to Officer Wilson.

Sadly “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ― Mark Twain

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