Dr. Steven Novella on what I call “Chiro-quackery”. At best it might be considered physical therapy and/or overpriced massage and at it’s worst it’s pure bullshit and quackery.

Most of this bone alignment shit is a myth. A chiropractor will tells you your vertebrae are out of alignment and then cracks your back. You hear the noise of it cracking and they tell you that was it being put back into alignment when what is really the case they just cracked your back in the same way you crack your knuckles and that sound you hear is not really your vertebrae going back into alignment but is in reality just a release of gasses in the joints making noise just like cracking your knuckles does.

Its a sales job with supporting sound effects and it works to sell the mythology.

As Richard Feynman once said—“Science is what we have learned about how to keep from fooling ourselves.”—

Dr. Harriet Hall on Chiropractic from her great 10 lecture series on Science Based Medicine vs “Alternative Medicine”.

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