“Workers — who have seen their wages stagnate over the last decades — have seen their tax rates increase, while the wealthiest Americans have seen theirs fall,” Zucman said. “This tax injustice is a powerful engine of inequality.”

While yeah tons of American workers are touting the pittance of a tax reduction that the Trump Tax Cut gave them NONE OF THEM ARE SAYING:

“Yeah the Trump tax tax reduction has finally allowed me to build up a meaningful emergency savings rainy day fund and I finally have been able to get out of town for my vacation rather than spending it at home doing maintenance work on the house.”


The idea that the tax cut are helping to working class is a classic case of gas lighting by Trump and his Trumpist Republicans. This is just another way the Trumpist oligarchs are squeezing the middle class while telling them that things are really great for them.

The tax cuts were a huge payback to the wealthy 2% donor class at the top of our oligarchic society that support him.

One jarring chart shows how taxes on workers have essentially replaced those on corporations | Markets Insider

Workers are a key pillar of the US economy. The payroll taxes that the government collects from their wages sustains two critical programs that benefit millions of Americans: Social Security and Medicare. However, they’re now shouldering more of the tax burden compared to corporations.

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