This popped up near the top of my Google Reader list this morning…

Bill O’Reilly on ‘Gangnam Style’ | Video Cafe

So we have BOR and pseudo-psychiatrist (that the phrase Crooks & Liars used but I think it sperfectly apropos) Keith Ablow grousing about this “Gangnam Style” video that trending so high right now as being totally senseless and a waste of time etc. etc. you know the drill.

Yeah it is catchy amongst the youth probably for it beat and dancing but to imply its meaningles drivel shows me how clueless and lazy O’Reilly Albow and “The Factor” staff really are. BOR and “The Factor” claim to be journalist and yet no one there could do what I did which was google “Gangnam Style” and/or check on it in Wikipedia to discover that it was intended as a piece of satire mocking ridiculously rich opulent lifestyle and aires of the folks in Korea who live in the region of Seoul known as Gangnam.


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