What Melissa Andre said:

“So let me get this straight– this overplucked, manscaped waxwork dummy, who is 1) not a medical professional; 2) unable to pass standard security clearances; 3) unelected; 4) already spearheading peace in the Middle East; 5) spearheading the Federal response to the opioid epidemic; 6) completely devoid of any political or policy education or experience; 7) chums with the leader of a regime which literally dismembered a journalist; 8) in charge of Chinese diplomacy despite not speaking a word of Mandarin; 9) only where he is because he married another overplucked waxwork dummy; 10) known for driving businesses into the ground; 11) unable to speak in anything besides corporate jargon and fawning praise of his father-in-law, is now going to save us all from the coronavirus?

This walking Dunning-Kruger Effect has been failing upward his whole life.

We. Are. Fucked.”

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