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What role did Norman Vincent Peale’s “Power of Positive Thinking,” and the self-help industry he spawned, play in creating our post-factual age? Tens of millions of people act like their beliefs alone can alter empirical reality because Peale said it would work. It has warped our economy, government, and culture in ways that continue to devastate us.

We are a nation of children applauding to make Tinkerbell live.

Politics aside, do you see other ways that “positive thinking” affects us? I would say the anti-vaxxers, impervious to facts and convinced beyond reason that their New Age alternatives are efficacious, are a perfect example of the Peale legacy. David Wolfe is definitely a “positive thinking” guru. The Tony Robbins cult belongs in that category. What say you all?

The Power of Trump’s Positive Thinking

Donald Trump is a self-help apostle. He always has tried to create his own reality by saying what he wants to be true. Where many see failure, Trump sees only success, and expresses it out loud, again and again.

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