This arguably one of the very best explanations I have heard for what is Neoliberalism.

Economist Mary Wrenn provides an easy to understand definition of what Neoliberalism is:—

“Neoliberalism is an ideology that guides a lot of economic policymaking and has done so since roughly the Reagan/Thatcher administrations. And it’s an ideology that prioritizes the health of the economy over the health and well-being of the state’s constituents, the people essentially. And the idea is that if the economy is healthy, if the economy is prosperous, and growing then all other social ills will be remedied through that market activity. So the market will step in and provide where people are lacking if a particular region is lacking in services well that’ll be a profit-making opportunity in the market will see that service is provided.

So it’s an idea that the economy’s health is the number one priority of the state and the way that the state takes care of the economy is leaving it alone.

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