Global Warming Deniers and Legitimate Skeptical Scientists

Keeping track of all the global warming deniers and legitimate skeptical scientists is tough so I’m working on building my own quick reference page here. As I read stories coming from that side of the debate (can you really even call it a legitimate debate anymore?) I add those folks to my list here..:

Craig D. Idso (a faculty researcher, Office of Climatology, AZU) publisher (chairman) of website.

Chriss. W. Street —a denial propagandist with zip, nadda, no scientific credentials. A political writer most notably for Andrew Breitbart’s publications

James Taylor  — a professional denial propagandist. He not a climate scientist or even a scientist in any way. He’s a lawyer paid by the Heartland Institute to write climate change denial propaganda.

Noel Sheppard — an extreme right wing partisan denier and the lack of brains behind

Alan Caruba — a staunch conservative PR specialist and prolific anti-science global warming denier.

Lorne Gunter a columnist for the right wing National Post with a real fact checking problem.

John Christy — a “skeptical” climate scientist
George H. Taylor —Meteorologist
William Happer — Professor of Physics, famous for the line given in his testimony before congress “I am not a climatologist, but …
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