Brand New Congress Sun, Nov 27, 2016

Trump’s infrastructure plan calls for $1 trillion over 10 years — or $8.3 billion per month. That’s a fraction of what we spent every month on “quantitative easing” — also known as throwing free money at bankers. When the experts say $3.6 trillion is needed right away just to get things back in working order, and if the government had no trouble creating money to benefit bankers, why can’t we spend what’s needed to fix our infrastructure? Especially when this — unlike giving free money to bankers — will actually produce jobs!

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Dwarfed By Estimates Of Need

States welcome President-elect Donald Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan. But their need is more than three times that. By Elaine S. Povich If President-elect Donald Trump is successful with his proposed $1 trillion, 10-year program to fix America’s disintegrating and inadequate infrastructure, the states have a list of critical projects handy for him.


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