Nye vs Ham – The Aftermath – YouTube

To me the very best moment in the debate that absolutely destroyed the Young Earth Creationist arguement is pointed out in this video at 6:19 that were YEC timeline and the story of the Noahs Flood true for the earth today to  have the number of species it does we would have to discover  11 new species  every day if modern Earth began just 4000 years ago.

Ken Ham-Bill Nye debate: Just one point, Ken… – YouTube

Bill Nye Ken Ham Debate Summed Up In Two Very Telling Answers – YouTube


About a World Podcast Episode 12 – Nye & Ham Debate Rebuttal – YouTube

This is a long one but well worth it. In it st, Collin Maessen and Christopher Bair discuss the  Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate on the validity of creationism.

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