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Anti-global warming Sen. Inhofe formally endorses Perry

By NBC’s Carrie Dann

TULSA, Okla. — Sen. Jim Inhofe, a strident conservative voice in the Senate and a vocal skeptic of global warming, formally endorsed Gov. Rick Perry on Monday, calling him “the only guy who can really win this thing.”

“The one thing that he has that nobody else has is this background of experience, not just him being an administrator but doing the right thing, cutting down the deficit, increasing jobs. And he’s done everything right,” Inhofe said, adding, “No one out there running is as aware as to the cost of all the overregulation that we’re experiencing right now.”

Nah, seriously I was never going to vote for him anyway. As I’ve already said here before both directly and indirectly I think Rick Perry is arguably the worst candidate for President of the United States I have seen in my lifetime. I think his  getting the endorsement from Inhofe, the lead climate change denier in congress, falls under the “why am I not surprised” category.

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