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Frank Luntz Coaches Republicans on How to Couch Their Speech

About the Right-Wing Pundit Thomas Sowell

  • Applied Rationality: Thomas Sowell, what a caricature

    …It’s not surprising that reasonable people come to different conclusions. By writing about and discussing different issues, there is the hope that one’s logic or information base might be improved. Similarly, there’s often a lot to be gained from reading and carefully considering analyses that are different from your own.

    As I wrote, differences in outcomes and opinions can come from differences in underlying values, but they can also come from lots of other things. It seems worthwhile to explore all of these possibilities when evaluating someone’s opinion. Put another way, we don’t gain much by starting with the assumption that anyone who disagrees with us is a moral or intellectual defective.

    Sadly, this does seem to be the starting point of Thomas Sowell (a one-time economist no less) and many conservative columnists. Rather than engage in any logical debate or any hard reasoning, Sowell takes the easy route of ascribing fundamental character flaws to people with different opinions…

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