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Anthony Fox Watts and chicken out hiding from Peter Hadfield aka Potholer54.


  • An Accurate Genesis – YouTube 
    What if there really was an omnipotent, omniscient god responsible not only for the creation of the universe, our solar system, our planet and the life upon it, but also for the narrative of Genesis 1? Certainly there are those who already think this is the case. But, in The Bible Skeptic series, “What Genesis Got Wrong,” we know that the biblical tale of creation in Genesis 1 got virtually every detail of origins wrong. So what would a scientifically and historically accurate version of Genesis look like if it really had been inspired by a deity which truly was responsible for the creation of all we see as such origins have been discovered by the methods of modern science?Want to discuss this video’s topic? Feel free to visit the Bible Skeptic Forum at and invite other viewers to join you there!
  • God is not good – Part 3 – with Josef Fritzl and William Lane Craig – YouTube

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