On Buffet’s calling for a fairer tax structure A Minimum Tax for the Wealthy – NYTimes.com

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And reporting way out on the Krazy Wing Nut front we have two kinds of new stories, one reports covering the wacko wing nut fraudster Porter Stansberry’s (and birther Joseph Farah) latest conspiracy theory and two those covering it like they think its really going to happen…

And from the wackos promoting this nonsense…

Politics & The Media

On Fox News drumming up Benghazi conspiracy theories….

Rational Thinking

  • Debunking Christianity: Why Science Has No Need of God and What This Implies

    Pierre-Simon Laplace (1749 – 1827) is remembered as one of the greatest scientists of all time. He’s referred to as the French Newton or the Newton of France. When Napoleon had asked why he hadn’t mentioned God in his discourse on the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter, he is quoted as saying: “I had no need of that hypothesis.” That best describes science. It doesn’t need that hypothesis. That’s how science should work too, for if science is to work at all it shouldn’t depend on the God-hypothesis. More importantly, if there is a God who intervenes in our world then science cannot work at all. We can see this quite easily by contrasting sectarian pseudoscience with science itself. The implications should be obvious. (read the complete article…)

The Culture Wars

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