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    Just as an example of the kind of emails we get at Daily Kos, and the amazing delusional psychosis infecting conservatives who truly believe in their heart of hearts there 1)  is no racism in the GOP and 2) friends who look me straight in the eyes utterly puzzled as to what I am talking about (Or accuse dems of making it all up to make the GOP soundracist), I give you this weekend’s wingnut neoconfederate exampler. Trust me folks, this is not work safe, but sad to say it is routine stuff for us:

    please FUCK OFF AND DIE!!! You think Obongo will stay in thw white house for fours years? Fuck that!! the cheating lying negroid will be in PRISONfor TREASON!!! you fuckers stole the electon with crack-smoking welfare niggers and spics you bruoght in frojm fucking mexico! niggerloving faggot you want some black dick in your ass go to fucking france and pay for it! Don’t destroy thisd country just cause you got fucking jungle fever you fag!! niggercock in the ass and mouth is the officia moulitspic brekfast!! and its not about race faggot, the president dont have to be 100% aryan but he should of be human looking and not a fucking monkey!!! go suck some dick fag NIGGERCOCK IN THE ASS IS NOT THE FUCKING AMERICAN WAY YOU FAGGOT COMMIE!!!!

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