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A web site that’s purportedly puts forth a “progressive’ argument for action on climate change from a Conservative position.

More on Katharine Hayhoe…

And for Peter Sinclair a 1:51 video of of a lecture by Dr. Jennifer Francis

  • The Weekend Wonk:Jennifer Francis’ Newest Lecture online « Climate Denial Crock of the Week

    Cool that she opens the lecture with my video, which was cribbed and re-edited from one of her previous lectures – but if you want to cut to the chase go to about 20 minutes in, that’s where I started learning stuff.

    I’ve been meaning to edit this down to just the best parts, – its long – and I probably will, – but more important to get it posted and circulated,  because Dr. Francis is leading one of the most important discussions in climate science right now.

On why we should listen to what 98% of climate scientists (an experts in any field) have to say…

  • Skepchick | What the Hell do Experts Know Anyway?

    I am not a climate scientist and in fact I don’t know much about climate science, but I still believe strongly that human caused climate change is warming the Earth. Because climate science is not my area of expertise, it is perfectly reasonable for me to bow to the consensus of scientists that are experts in the field. Since climate scientists are in consensus that the world is warming and humans have caused it, then I trust their opinion and have made it my own.

    As skeptics, we are constantly pointing out areas within science in which the scientific consensus does not match public opinion. We are repeatedly telling people to get their information about the age of the earth and the evolution of life from geologists and biologists rather than from the bible. We ask parents to make decisions on vaccinating their children based on the scientists at the CDC rather than what Jenny McCarthy said that one time on Oprah. Scientists have been getting much better at communicating science information to the public. Entire movements and organizations have sprouted to help educate the public about the differences between scientists and cranks and how to sort through complicated scientific information…(read the complete article…)

And the Investors Business Daily continues it editorial attack on climate change science…


WTF?? Freedom Works,… a Tea Party SuperPAC, go figure….


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