• In light of the recent surge of ridiculous invasive and/or restrictive and outright odious laws being proposed in Republican legislatures around the county lately restricting the rights of women I think in the spirit of what ‘goes around, comes around’ my friend Robin Meyer’s ‘Patriotic Penis Proposal’ makes perfect sense The Patriotic Penis Proposal « Twitching Blobs 
  • Forward Progressives — Ridiculous Rick Perry Claims Abortion is America’s Second Most Common Surgical Procedure

    …Which, of course, is completely baseless and inaccurate.  In fact, there’s nothing that exists which would even come close to quantifying  this claim with any kind of real legitimacy.  Maybe if you only compared 2 surgical procedures, one being heart procedures and the other being abortions, then abortions would be second.

    Either Rick Perry blatantly lied or he’s so misinformed that his competency should be questioned, for someone of supposed sound mind to believe that abortions would be the second most common surgical procedure.

    And if he believes that outrageously fabricated piece of statistical information, doesn’t that then lead us to think that his entire stance on women’s health and abortions should be put into question?

    After all, if someone believes abortions are the second most commonly performed surgical procedure, which is not even remotely close to being accurate, wouldn’t that mean their stance on any abortion related legislation was formed based on grossly miscalculated data?(read the complete article…)

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