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  • Gut check on ‘Climate Change’ – Brattleboro Reformer is a letter to the editors of the local Brattleboro Vermont newspaper the Brattleboro Reformer from the VP (and founder) of a right wing free-market  conservative local based think tank who lets his politics influence and determine his scientific assessment and judgment about climate change. In other words he’s been drinking the climate change denial propaganda kool-aid and he repeat it here:

    …Here are just three recent discoveries that ought to give a reasonable person some real doubts about the Gospel of Human-Caused Global Warming.First, despite a 10 percent increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration since 1998, the global temperature anomaly curve has remained flat…

    Not really Mr. McClaughry. That not really the case at all and in fact you need to consider Why you sound so stupid when you say “global warming has stopped”

    That’s all the time I have for fisking this letter this morning but there is NOTHING new here what so ever. Mr. McClaughry. just recycles the same old debunked denial arguments we have head before again and and decides to call them “recent discoveries.”

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