On The Facebook Debacle

Here’s an explanation of Facebook’s IPO and how the stock market works in general:

1st — corrupt bankers picked to sell the stock.
2nd — corrupt bankers fill media with sales/corporate propaganda.
3rd — corrupt bankers make IPO unavailable to anyone but the rich.
4th — corrupted market claims “technical difficulties” for first 2 hours stock is traded.
5th — corrupt banks dump stock leaving customers/investors with huge losses.
6th — corrupt banks spread propaganda supposedly explaining what happened.
7th — corrupt financial professionals/economists/writers all invent more lies fitting their corrupt paradigm.
8th — corrupt politicians feign concern, collect more campaign money.

  • Facebook IPO: God Help Us All – TheStreet — Daniel Dicker

    Goldman Sachs(GS_) will reap a fortune and perhaps make their year on this one. Pricing came out at $38, well above range even with the increased float, allotments were larger than expected inside the syndicate and it seems unlikely that even those inside syndicate players will benefit much.$105 billion of precious capital is going to go into the pockets of VC firms, investment banks and insiders who will not recycle that cash back into the capital markets — they will more than likely buy a second, (or a third) house, a $100 million yacht and a majority stake in a sports team.

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