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  • Gibbs: Romney wouldn’t have ordered bin Laden raid –
    • A great comment I found on this Politico article by Gaylon Monteverde :

      Romney said “It’s not worth moving Heaven and Earth and spending billions of dollars just to get one person.” When President Obama took office he told his CIA director that his No. 1 job was to hunt down and get Osama Bin Laden. There is the difference! It was the wrong question for Gregory to ask “If Romney were in the same situation, being told by intellegence sources where Bin Laden was, would he have done the same thing?” The point is: Romney WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN THE SAME SITUATION!

      And we now see clearly what the Republican talking points will be for this election:
      1. President Obama is not a leader. (We have tried to keep him from accomplishing anything because it might look like he is leading. ) 2. The economy is recovering too slowly. (We have refused to pass the jobs bill or further stimulus so that the economy will fail.) And, now No. 3. The President is pointing out some of his accomplishments and because we don’t like his success, he is being DIVISIVE!—

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