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  • Conservatives Can’t Be Intentionally Funny | Dispatches from the Culture Wars by Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars

    The complete collapse of Dennis Miller’s ability to be funny over the last few years should convince everyone that, with rare exceptions, conservative just aren’t funny. And when Glenn Beck tries to be, it will just make you cringe. Here’s a clip from a new conservative alternative to the Daily Show that Beck is running on his network. Prepare to gape in astonishment:

    Ironically, it was Dennis Miller himself who once remarked that Jerry Lewis made him laugh when he was trying to be serious and left him stone-faced when he was trying to be funny. That is exactly the reality of right wing comedy — they’re only funny when the humor is unintentional.

  • Georgia Business Declares New Company Policy: ‘We Are Not Hiring Until Obama Is Gone’ | ThinkProgress


    The notion that President Obama’s economic policies preclude small businesses from hiring new workers isn’t the only ludicrous claim Looman pushes. A cursory glance at Looman’s public Facebook page shows he is prone to anti-Obama conspiracy theories. Earlier this month, he posted a false report that Larry Sinclair – the man who claimed he did drugs and had sex with President Obama – had died and implied foul play,writing “MAKES YOU WONDER HUH?” Looman’s page is also riddled with pro-confederate and anti-Muslim postings.

    More importantly, Looman’s assertion that he would be able to hire more workers but for Obama’s economic policies defies reason. In the last few months alone, Obama has proposed giving major tax credits to businesses that hire new workers, including a$4,000 credit for hiring the long-term unemployed. Just this week, Obama signed a law to give additional tax credits to businesses that hire veterans.

    Ironically, despite the fact that he claims to want to hire new workers, Looman’s anti-Obama anti-hiring stance will prevent his business from enjoying any of these new incentives.



  • Late Night FDL: Old Men Re-interpreting the Words of Other Old Men About Things that Happened Two Thousand Years Ago | Firedoglake

    […]Today, I happened to run across articles online about how the Catholic Church is changing their liturgy:

    The revised Roman Missal, which contains the language used in the Mass, reflects more of a word-for-word translation of the Latin than the previous version that Catholics have used for years.

    The specific change that caught my eye was:

    By saying Jesus died “for many” instead of “for all,” will Roman Catholic priests be proclaiming a different theology beginning this weekend — narrowing the extent to which they believe Jesus saved sinners?

    No, say the pope and bishops, the official teaching authorities of the church.

    Opponents of sweeping liturgical revisions that will take effect this weekend, already distrustful of the top-down process that led to the changes, aren’t so sure.

    I guess my first question is “When did Jesus speak Latin?” But it really goes far beyond that. It goes to the heart of the various interpretations and various bibles that are extant in the world today. It is the very problem I have with folks who look to any bible as the literal word of God (and Jesus). I am asked to believe that people writing hundreds and thousands of years after the fact or are using translations of translations (ancient Hebrew to Aramaic to Greek to Latin) can accurately convey the meanings of words said or written over two thousand years ago. All I over see in these instances are the words of one set of old men being pored over and glossed over by another group of old men….(the emphasis is mine—JJH)


  • Skeptic » Doubtful News » Catholic priest thinks Harry Potter and Yoga are Satanic and dangerous


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