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  • Monday Morning Muse – Ira Glass On Creativity | Token Skeptic a new blogger to the great group over at, one Kylie Sturgess just posted a video that answers a big hunk of the questions I’ve been putting to myself lately and here it is

    Thanks Kylie.I am reminded of a quote I picked up from the 37Signals blog a few months ago that I have posted on my bathroom mirror:

    Almost nothing worthwhile is easy, and it’s hard to just jump in and be good at something difficult right off the bat…“Get big and popular, then just flip the switch and start making money when we feel like it”. There is no switch. The only reliable way to succeed at anything is to actually do it, repeatedly, with concentrated effort. True for individuals, and true for organizations. Athletes, artists, businesses.—

    John Gruber in Cutting That Cord

    The origional postt the quote was taken from in John Gruber’s  Cutting That Cord is well worth the full read too.

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