I saw a funny cartoon on Facebook this morning about how so many people misunderstand “Herd Immunity”. Yeah it an exaggeration for effect but the core thinking behind it is true.

The lack of understanding how “Herd Immunity” works is just stunning but then again most people struggle with statistics, set theory, and logic so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

Here Your Beginner’s Guide to Statistics

How many calories did each of us eat for breakfast? How far from home did everyone travel today? How big is the place that we call home? How many other people call it home? To make sense of all of this information, certain tools and ways of thinking are necessary.

Why don’t we understand statistics? Fixed mindsets may be to blame

The first study of why people struggle to solve statistical problems reveals a preference for complicated rather than simpler, more intuitive solutions — which often leads to failure in solving the problem altogether. The researchers suggest this is due to unfavorable methods of teaching statistics in schools and universities, and highlight the serious consequences when applied to professional settings like court cases.

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